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SHINDIG Magazine

Palooka 5 tick all the boxes for that curl-shooting,
surf hoodang you've always dreamed of.

Tom Robinson - BBC Radio 6 Music

Their tunes wouldn't be out of place on an album of lost classics by Dick Dale or The Monks

UK Festival Guides

Palooka 5 play their own brand of surf music, tinged with a large inspirational helping of the B52’s, just what the doctor ordered to bring a smile to the face.

Little Stevens Underground Garage
- Drew Carey

I play the hell out of Palooka 5 - I love those guys!

UK RocknRoll Magazine

The very entertaining, Palooka 5, who played splendid organ-driven surf, just what the doctor ordered.



...this is the most quirky band that you’re likely to come across: 60s surf and garage music played on original vintage instruments, with an ‘Apocalypse Now’ twist. Their LP ‘Rough Magic’ received airplay on BBC Radio 6 Music’s Gideon Coe and Tom Robinson. Expect goof- ball/bubblegum originals, alongside the odd fresh interpretation of The Sonics, The Ventures and The Cramps. This lot are ‘Rock n Roll’ cut to the bone!

T Baigent Screech and Operator of Guitar

A McCallum Hammond Handler

S Bide Drummer Boy

B Baigent Howling and Shakin’ the Maracas

S Fisk Plucking Boy