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Viva Rock n’ Roll Radio

IT’S A SMASH!! Infinite thanks and Saturday night love to Visual Radio Arts Phil, Carl and Mags for allowing Palooka 5 to debut some new tunes and some P5 favs tonight at our Facebook Live session. Only a week ago and over 3000 views already! Viva Visual Radio Arts – Palooka 5 salutes you! For those of you who don’t engage with “the book of faces”…watch at your leisure …#rocknrollradio

Palooka 5 Originals featured: La Mancha Debbie Don’t Surf Little Frathouse Cindy Joined a Surf Gang Cinderella (The Sonics – 1965) Cactus Blossom Dropzone Heavy Ju Ju Some Fools Mess (Gallon Drunk – 1992)


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