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Just go like this, do the ULTRA TWIST

There’s a new dance that’s going round town. Just go like this, do the ULTRA TWIST!!! SAT 27TH JULY!!! 🌀🌀🌀 Lookout, Palooka 5 are helping unleash some LIVE mayhem in the capital with… THE SPITTERS (France) ⚡young garage-punkers from Toulon gonna show everyone how it’s done. The SpittersTHE BITCHWAVES (Transylvania) ⚡ two bat band attack of trashy bitch’n’roll. The Bitchwaves PALOOKA 5 ⚡napalm sniffing ‘60s surf garage rockers. Palooka 5 DAS CLAMPS (LP launch) ⚡ shit music for shit people, get yourself some. Das Clamps🌀🌀🌀 And DJs playing party records till 2am! 🌀🌀🌀Plus, plus, plus, extra, extra, extra: MAN OF A 1000 FARCES ⚡ international man of misery, Johnny Macaulay, “Man of a 1000 Farces”performs a psychedelic mind flip of magic, character sketches, sideshow and quick change mayhem. GO-GO DANCERS ⚡ Miss Tangerine Tassels, Miss Tina Marina and Helene de Joie will shimmy, shimmy, shimmy and shimmy. TWIST CONTEST ⚡ a time for the truly tWiStEd to shine, and we will reward! All this (plus more) and it’s ⚡FREE ENTRY⚡ all day and all of the night. Makes tomorrow look like yesterday!


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