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Go on..treat yerself! Downloads, Vinyl and Cd's with more merch to be added...

OUT NOW!! Our new 7" EP
Radio TelescopeS

Radio Telescopes

£10 plus P&P


Side A

Chetsworth Motel (3:05)

Radio Telescopes (2:50)


Side B

Kerb Dog (2:39)

Ket Ponies (2:49)


Label – Spinout Nuggets

Cat No. – SN108

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The Hard Stuff

Rough Magic CD LP

In stock
Product Details

Rough Magic LP on cd featuring tracks:
Cactus Blossom Heart
Debbie Dont Surf
Rough Magic
Year of the Rat
Cindy Joined A Surf Gang
Heavy Juju
La Mancha
Little Frathouse

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